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About Me

I was born and raised in the UK but relocated to Hong Kong over 28 years ago. I am multilingual with 5 languages including Chinese.

My Passions

  • Reading and writing to inspire and educate children.

  • Healthcare Advocacy

  • Educating medical students, (mainly 5th year) and doctors and nurses about rare chronic conditions.

  • Producing bi-lingual videos and other videos to educate and raise awareness.



I am currently working on the 23rd book in the Mediwonderland series. I have written over 150 educational books using my philosophy from the famous poet, William Yeats,

"Education is not about filling a bucket but lighting a fire."

I have also been published in many educational print articles and appeared on primetime television twice. I have written textbooks for use in Primary school published by Educational Publishing House.

You may visit my linked education sites:


  • Degree in linguistics (graduating top of the class). 

  • Two professional teaching qualifications, one from Cambridge University and one from the Hong Kong Institute of Education.

  •  I am also a registered teacher with the Hong Kong Education Bureau.

  • Global Health Care Patient Leader and Advocate.

Aim of the Series

Empowered children are prepared children.

This series of books captivates children from as young as 4 up til 12, providing an excellent platform for:



  • Reading practice (guaranteed to inspire all children to WANT to read)

  • Education about the human body, medical tests, procedures and illnesses.

  • Parent-Child bonding (be ready for lots of questions)

  • Preparation for any unforeseen future circumstances (e.g. X-ray or needing stitches which is very common.)


Healthcare workers

  • Valuable tools in clinics to allay fears and explain procedures through child-friendly stories.


School Teachers

  • To use in class with children aged from 4-12 with many opportunities for extended learning.

  • Video book format available for classrooms with Interactive White Boards (IWB)